CogniTens has introduced its new Optigo RE model incorporating new optical 3D textured-light-based measurement technology and software. Optigo RE offers fl exible measurement volumes allowing full or partial measurement on small to large objects including body side panels and large stamping dies. Optigo RE serves primarily as a reliable shop fl oor measurement system for dimensional evaluation and qualifi cation and as a 3D digitization system for closing the loop with product design and supporting advanced engineering studies.

From die duplication and archiving, through copy-to-exact operations to various detailed engineering activities, Optigo RE is compatible with various downstream software products by CogniTens and third party vendors. Optigo RE generates high quality STL and point cloud outputs with emphasis on surface smoothness, tight geometry tracking and crisp, closed features. Optigo RE’s output can be easily exported to various reverse engineering, dimensional analysis and other engineering software products such as: Geomagic, Polyworks, Metrologic, Tebis and Rapidform.