Benecke-ChangshunChina – The joint venture between Benecke-Kaliko and Jiangsu-Changshun supplies vehicle interior materials to the Chinese market, operating two production and development locations within the country.

Benecke-Changshun Auto Trim was founded in Zhangjiagang, where it now employs 450 personnel in the manufacture of foils for automotive interiors, exclusively for China. At the end of 2015, the company will start production at its new Changzhou plant of Acella Eco, the cover material for car seats, door panels and consoles. The €40m ($44m) factory is the biggest investment in the history of Benecke-Kaliko and part of its growth strategy in Asia.

“This new plant is our response to the very high demand for our products and solutions on the Chinese automotive market,” said Uwe Wüst, general manager at Benecke-Changshun. “As a specialist in low-emission surface materials, we are now also contributing our knowledge in an advisory role to the country's government. For example, we are helping to define standardised methods for measuring air quality in automotive interiors.”

Dirk Leiß, chairman of the executive board, Benecke-Kaliko, added that the company focuses on “not only producing eco-friendly products but also, and above all, engaging in energy-saving and environmentally friendly production”.