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Automotive industry supplier eliminates paper, cuts labour in half, and training time by 90%…

Find out how a tier one supplier moved from error-prone, inefficient paper-based picking processes to an automated, wireless, visual (e-paper) system and improved their average pick time by nearly 20 seconds. Download the Omni-ID white paper.

To thrive and grow as a tier one global supplier requires precision production … and very quick turnaround times.


To support the need for time and material precision, one of the most critical parts of the process is ensuring the right parts are picked, kitted and delivered to the assembly line for production. Historically this process had been managed by paper lists and pick tickets - inefficient and prone to manual error. This manufacturer was looking to automate the process. After much consideration selected ProVIEW from Omni-ID. This wireless, visual (e-paper based) system provided a number of benefits and the simplicity of the solution — as both an overlay to existing processes (no training required) and from an installation perspective (no changes to baseline infrastructure) that other options could not provide.

“ProVIEW’s Pick Application cut our average pick times from 47.5 to 29.2 seconds. Accuracy on quantity and sequence was dramatically better with the visual instructions right at the point of picking. Most impressive, how easy ProVIEW is to use. New workers could jump in and be effective right away” — Plant Manager, tier one supplier

The success of this project has provided a new standardised method for Picking across the global organisation. As a result, the company is now building on their solution and adding ProVIEW for Replenishment to create a more connected, efficient process.