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For more than 35 years, schwartz heat treatment equipment has been serving users around the world, delivering multiple benefits to the automotive and supplier industries, the steel and non-ferrous metals sector, and aircraft manufacturing.

In the field of heat treatment solutions for press hardening, schwartz is the global market leader. schwartz mainly supplies the automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers (tier 1, tier 2) worldwide with its heat treatment systems for press hardening and aluminum for the production of car body and suspension components.

All heat treatment systems leaving the two schwartz factories are custom designed and built to match their global customers’ production needs. Currently, schwartz has supplied more than 1,000 heat treatment systems to 30 different countries on four continents.

Since the end of 2018 the company Conex Die Solutions AB which is located in Luleå, Sweden is a subsidiary of schwartz GmbH and thereby part of the schwartz group. Conex produces hot stamping dies and is characterized by outstanding product quality and process reliability, high production profitability as well as innovative technology.

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schwartz heat treatment equipment provides improved road safety and reduced fuel consumption for today’s mobility solutions

Heat treatment in a schwartz system prior to the subsequent pressing step makes steel auto body components substantially stronger. Inside the vehicle, these parts yield a significantly higher crash safety for the occupants. Moreover, given their superior strength, they can be made thinner. This provides additional savings in car weight and hence, improved fuel efficiency.

Through the use of aluminum suspension parts, automotive suppliers can further enhance the energy efficiency of their cars.

Custom built heat treatment systems

Heat treatment systems made by schwartz are designed and built individually to match specific user requirements, relying on expertise and experience gathered in this field since 1984.

All schwartz heat treatment systems are fully assembled and undergo thorough pre-shipment hot testing at their German manufacturing sites in Simmerath and Aachen.

The schwartz group – at your service worldwide

Nine global sites form the international schwartz group network. Two of them are located in Germany, two in Sweden, four in China and one in the USA. Worldwide, schwartz has 21,000 sq.m of production area for heat treatment systems at its disposal and employs 250 people while the staff complement at the headquarters site in Simmerath, Germany is currently at around 150. There are around 4,500 m² of floor space dedicated to the manufacture, assembly and factory inspection of heat treatment equipment.

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p42 schwartz Picture 1