AMS has hosted webinars on subjects ranging across the spectrum of automotive manufacturing and assembly, from hot forming and laser cutting, to flexible production lines and the use of RFID for car body identification. 

The most recent, delivered by Paul Rosa from Comau on 27 February 2013, provided deeper technical and application insights into surface preparation for the spray coating process. Rosa was formerly at Chrysler and holds four patents in thermal spray.

Attending this live broadcast allowed the audience to ask questions (via their keyboards) and get a broadcast response. It also allowed a viewer to ask private questions of the speaker, or seek follow-up once the webinar broadcast had finished.

All AMS webinars are recorded – there are now some 20 in our archive – and all are free to view. Some are intended for a regional audience, but most are broadcast at a time which best suits the global audience stretching, in time zones, from Asia through Europe to the Americas.

Webinars typically last 45 minutes, including about 30 minutes of presentation and a period for questions. To explore the idea of delivering a webinar, please contact