White paper – Sustainable mobility: The engineering challenges of EVs


The white paper from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries looks at how the period of unprecedented change faced by vehicles makers and the supply chain face will require new levels of collaboration and a willingness to dedicate production lines to EV-specific models

The rapid switch to electrification of vehicles means OEMs and their suppliers are rethinking the way they design and build components. And they are doing so under the pressures of heightened consumer expectations and increasingly strict legislation relating to vehicles’ CO2 emissions. In some countries this has even resulted in a hard deadline for all new vehicles to run on electric drivetrains.

In the white paper from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Sustainable mobility: The engineering challenges of EVs that follow, we outline the challenges facing OEMs and their suppliers as they switch to EV-dominant production, and some of the engineering innovations taking place to help the industry rise to these challenges.

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White paper – Sustainable mobility: The engineering challenge of EVs

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