White paper: Streamlining EV battery production


As a strategic partner, Atlas Copco supports vehicle manufacturers through the entire EV battery assembly process. Our market-leading technologies include tightening, self-pierce riveting, adhesive dispensing, flow drill fastening and quality inspection, which deliver smart connected assembly solutions, designed for cost-efficient scalability of EV battery production.


Global EV growth is set to reach 245 million vehicles in 2030, over 30 times higher than today’s level. This transition to electromobility presents a diverse range of production challenges for vehicle manufacturers, in terms of battery design, materials, scalability and assembly technologies. Battery weight contributes a large part of total vehicle weight and with the focus on increasing range, this is influencing better design and demands a light weighting process through the use of lighter materials and efficient production methods to minimise weight.

Atlas Copco has long-standing strategic partnerships with the automotive sector and, as EVs become mainstream and manufacturing processes become digitised, we understand the value chain of scalable battery production, with quality assurance and data driven process improvement at every stage. From cell component quality inspection to closing the battery tray with a cover, Atlas Copco’s smart integrated assembly technologies are designed to optimise safety, quality and productivity while reducing costs.

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