Nikon MetrologyAn XT H 450 micro-focus computed tomography (CT) system, from Nikon Metrology, is being used by BorgWarner Poland to improve research and development of turbochargers.  Nikon says the high power (450 kV) X-ray equipment is able to penetrate the dense materials used in turbocharger production, allowing the internal material quality of castings to be checked non-destructively and the integrity of welded assemblies to be inspected.

The company claims the XT H 450 delivers 450W of continuous power, without any restriction on measurement time, whilst maintaining a small spot size of 50 to 113 microns and delivering a scatter-free CT volume with 25-micron repeatability and accuracy. Samples weighing up to 100kg can be inspected within a 400 x 600 x 600mm working envelope.