TitanUK – Having developed out of Charles Lucas Engineering, a racing team from the 1960s, Titan has grown to become a supplier of components and engineering solutions to motorsport teams, niche car manufacturers and international automotive OEMs. The company reached its 40th anniversary earlier this month.

“This was quite a gradual thing, to shift from complete cars to components, but also a carefully considered move,” commented Oz Timms, co-owner of Titan. “The demand was clearly there, and it’s never good to have all of your eggs in one basket, so this was a very natural way to progress for us.”

Managing director George Lendrum envisages Titan becoming more integrated into the supply chain in future. “We are seeing that already, because we are being asked to provide engineering solutions, not just solely component production,” he said. “We are getting set to develop that aspect of the business, but also keeping our focus on the existing manufacturing business that has done so well over the years.”

Lendrum also sees the Titan product range expanding in future to include electronic versions of its steering systems, throttles and differentials.