Sick claims its LMS4000 is the most powerful and accurate 2D LiDAR sensor to date for automotive materials handling and logistics applications

SICK LMS4000 robot

Sick LMS4000 2D LiDAR system

The company says the systems high laser scanning frequency helps to produce more than half a million measurement points per second to calculate the position, shape, volume or surface quality of components or assemblies over a wide depth of field, and at ranges up to 3m.

It’s claimed this new sensor achieves a six-fold increase in measurement resolution, compared to previous LiDAR sensors and is suited to automotive applications where accurate dimensions, volumes or positions need to be calculated, positioning tasks such as robotic pick and place, and shape and contour verification in quality control. It works using visible red laser light and the time-of-flight measurement principle to deliver precise data on the position and size of a wide variety of objects and transmits this data to an external evaluation unit, often in conjunction with an encoder.