CompactTransfer, VW PueblaMexico ­– Volkswagen de México has commissioned the automated equipment supplier to modernise a press line at its plant in Puebla. The carmaker has opted for electronic parts transfer via the CompactTransfer system, which is suitable for small installation spaces and can be adapted to the specific requirements of the site.

The system consists of two highly dynamic, linear technology modules per press gap, mounted on the existing press bolsters. A crossbar suspended between the axes adjusts the tooling to grip the blanks.

Automating the blank-loading section will include: blank carts that can be positioned to accommodate any blank type; two unloading stations with double feeders for continuous operation; two blank-separating stations; a magnetic belt conveyor; and an optical centring station.

Strothmann will enable the loading section for both ferromagnetic and aluminium blanks, with automatic tooling change. The beginning of the line will be enclosed for noise protection, while the end will be retrofitted with unloading robots and a shuttle which transport parts for further processing.