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Simufact Automotive Solutions

Simufact Engineering provides simulation software solutions for metalbased manufacturing processes in the Automotive supply chain aiming at OEMs and their suppliers. The solution portfolio helps design and optimize parts, components manufacturing processes and the validation of car body construction and assembly processes.

Solutions for automotive manufacturing supply chain

Simufact Forming is a simulation solution which covers a broad spectrum of hot and cold forming processes, sheet metal forming, rolling, heat treatment, and more.

When it comes to joining, Simufact helps you calculate and optimize both thermal and mechanical joining processes. Simufact Welding predicts typical welding phenomena such as residual stresses and distortions and provides approaches to meet tolerances. The solution optimizes laser beam welding, resistance spot welding, pressure welding, laser brazing, and other processes.

Simufact’s Joining Optimizer is a simulation tool for automatic validation of self-piercing riveting and clinching processes. It virtually tests the available tool and rivet combinations for the joints described as material and thickness combinations. This evaluation delivers a list of viable and non-viable tool & rivet combinations based on the simulated properties for each evaluated joint. For resistance spot welding processes for each joint and each evaluated electrode geometry the feasible process window described by electrical current, clamping force and welding times is determined.

Simufact offers a solution to simulate metal-based additive manufacturing processes. Simufact Additive is a scalable software for powder-bed fusion processes which helps you produce metal AM parts first time right.

Employing Simufact simulation solutions in the early phase of production planning accelerates the joining process validation. Time-consuming and cost-intensive conventional validation procedures (physical prototypes, tests) can be reduced dramatically.

Simufact solutions help you cope the challenges of process design:

• Feasibility and durability of a joint

• Process stability

• Dimensional accuracy of the assembly

• Improved joint properties (strength, stiffness, fatigue resistance)

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