SICK TR10 lockEquipped with two Output Safety Switching Devices (OSSDs), SICK says its TR10 Lock is a type 4 device (EN ISO 14119) and offers a choice of universally-coded or unique-coded variants. The unique-coded variant accepts only previously taught-in actuators, which means it has a high coding level and therefore removes the need for additional measures for protection against manipulation during mounting (EN ISO 14119).

It features an RFID-triggered solenoid locking bolt that extends into the actuator for physical prevention of opening, or movement, of a safety guard. The company says this safety locking device provides PLe (EN ISO 13849) SIL3 (IEC 61508) protection for personnel and processes through physical locking of moveable safety equipment, such as guards and screens to prevent access to, or interference with, machinery in a hazardous area.