OMRON’s STI OS32C-DM safety laser scanners enable users to check the operating state, analyse the cause of an emergency stop via LAN, and take corrective action, even in large-scale applications with multiple scanners.

The company says an updated confi guration tool now provides a “maintenance access level” that enables the user to make only non-safety related programming changes and employs a “non-safety checksum” for easier recommissioning when non-safety changes are made.

A new ‘zone coordinate import/export’ function allows users to modify the shape and size of a monitoring zone by importing coordinates from a text file.

All STI OS32C safety laser scanners provide configurable object resolutions of 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 70mm to accommodate hand and arm detection applications.

They can also provide front/rear monitoring, or 270° monitoring in AGV applications.