APS 2016This year's issue of Automotive Paintshop Solutions is now available to view for free here, covering the latest developments by paint suppliers, current paintshop projects by vehicle-makers, trends in robotics, the most advanced quality-control technologies and software to improve energy efficiency.

The in-depth articles are as follows:

Keeping finishes up to scratch – As vehicle-makers add more innovative materials in body construction and change their production processes to meet new environmental regulations, paint suppliers are striving to meet their needsInterview: Klemens Bartmann, Axalta – As the coatings company turns 150 years old, its global technology director reflects on the sector’s trends, challenges and opportunitiesAchieving Acura-cy – As production of the 2017 Acura NSX ramps up at the dedicated Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, AMS investigates what technologies and processes are required to create a finish fit for a supercarPrimed for premium – As Audi prepares to become the first OEM to export high-end vehicles made in Mexico, we look at the new paintshop in PueblaPacifica progress – As FCA US smoothly implements a $744m upgrade at its Windsor plant in Canada, AMS focuses on the new equipment in the paintshop, including innovative oil separation technology and a robotic sealing systemThe interior view – Exterior finishes may catch the eye, but interior coatings also fulfil aesthetic and functional needsTaking a shine to plastics – As tighter legislation restricts the use of traditional electroplating materials, a new method of plastics metallisation developed by Oerlikon Balzers could provide an alternative with wide-ranging benefitsSeeing the light – With the attractiveness of a vehicle’s finish remaining key to purchasing decisions, automotive manufacturers are striving for better means of quality control. AMS reports on the latest technologiesPower to the machines – While human flexibility offers advantages in the assembly hall, modern paintshops rely heavily on automation to tackle hostile conditions and a strong need for consistency. AMS reviews the recent trendsMonitoring vital statistics – As OEMs look to reduce energy use in their paintshops, the latest software can improve efficiencyMixing together – At the latest coatings show, held in Karlsruhe, Germany, companies from a range of industries converged to share ideas and innovations. AMS went to see what might be of interest to automotive players.

Contributions from key suppliers include:

Brilliant simplicity – Geico Taikisha’s Daryush Arabnia explains how the company's new LeanDip system was inspired by customer feedbackChoices for China – BAIC ZengCheng's new plant is a typical example of perfect collaboration between a customer's requirements and ABB's expertiseSpecial colour spectrum – BASF's Coatings’ laboratory manager Michael Brünnemann and product manager Stefan Sickert describe how the company is responding to the special colour needs of OEMsMultistory makeover – An international team made its way to China as Dürr completed a major modernisation project in record timeThe call of customising – With the popularity of personalisation, OEMs are looking to their painting lines and partners such as Kremlin Rexson Sames to provide the answersSkid-free flexibility – Eisenmann describes how, with the energy savings it brings, its skidless paintshop is proving to be a popular idea.Less noise, less cost, more benefits – When Iveco decided to renew its paint circulation line pumps in Madrid, Graco stepped forward with a more efficient and quieter solutionBrake cover – UV coating technology offers perfect protection for discs and the environment, Sprimag says.