ELG Carbon Fibre Carbiso CTELG Carbon Fibre claims it has developed a recycling solution that converts manufacturing waste into products that can be incorporated into vehicle design. The company says it is currently working with a number of automotive OEM’s on a range of projects from the development of end-of-use recycling solutions for carbon fibre components and structures, to the demonstration of the economic and technical performance of recycled carbon fibre materials in lightweight vehicle applications.

ELG’s principle products for use in automotive applications include:

• Carbiso CT: a short fibre product that is used for the manufacture of carbon fibre reinforced thermoset or thermoplastic compounds. These are in turn used in injection and compression moulding applications.

• Carbiso M: nonwoven mats that can be used individually or in conjunction with virgin carbon fibres in most composite manufacturing processes. It’s claimed the mats offer lightweight structures and components at a reduced cost compared to conventional carbon fibre composites.