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• The highest level of quality for safety-critical components in the automobile industry

• Immediate fault analyses enable rapid intervention in the event of production deviations

As weld seam flaws – no matter how small they are – can lead to serious consequences, more and more international companies in the automotive industry are relying on the weld seam inspection system VIRO WSI. The automated inspection reliably ensures 24 hours a day that only flawless components enter the further production process.

Continuous seamless quality with maximum efficiency

The laser triangulation-based VIRO WSI system can be flexibly integrated in existing production lines to detect the slightest deviations in brazed and welded seams. It inspects e.g. axle components, bodywork, wheels, seats, exhaust systems and battery modules. The inspection solution provides accurate, consistent, and reproducible inspections, regardless of external influences. Stringent quality requirements are met and product safety is ensured with reliability. Reputation-damaging quality-related complaints and costly recalls are prevented from the start.

In addition to detecting defects, direct inline inspections support quick adjustments early in the welding process, reducing the number of defects that emerge.

VIRO WSI is particularly convincing due to its high user-friendliness and extensive analysis options.

Intuitive and easy to use

The graphic design of the user interface and the system’s intuitive navigation enable an easy teach-in of inspection sequences and inspection limits. Users can also select from a wide range of configuration functions. They can access pre-defined templates of standard seam types, or have scan frequency and ranges calculated automatically.

Thanks to a guided teach-in and clear on-screen visualization, a trained user is capable of setting the parameters for any future inspection program (or even creating it from scratch) for new or modified components.

Documented results for optimised processes

Inspection results are also presented in a very clear and structured format in different views of the VITRONIC system. All information is immediately calculated into a view of real-time statistics. In parallel, it is stored in an integrated database where it is linked with component and seam ids for subsequent tracking, evaluation, and statistics. That means that detailed inspection results and parameters are seamlessly documented. With the help of the database-supported evaluation tool and the real-time statistics function process deviations can be detected early on.

Interactive visualisation terminals for rework

The data that is captured during weld seam inspections effectively supports cooperation between human and machine. The VIRO WSI system offers optional visualisation stations for manual rework. Here, workers can view individual seam inspection results of the components. Furthermore, workers can input completed rework in the system and document it together with the inspection results.

Typically, multiple VIRO WSI systems are used in one line during the stages of production. Inspected sub-assemblies are further processed and the parent assembly seams are inspected. The ability to visualise all inspection results of the assembled component has proven very useful.

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