S-in motion_Midsize_SedanWEBArcelorMittal claims the properties of its two new press hardenable steels – Usibor 2000 and Ductibor 1000 – complement each other, and when the two steels are combined into a single laser welded blank, offer several advantages including weight savings, improved crash behaviour and cost savings through material and manufacturing optimisation.

The company says Usibor 2000 is more than 30% stronger than its predecessor (Usibor 1500), and could typically bring 10 to 15% weight savings when compared to existing hot stamping solutions. It can be used for monolithic parts and is suitable for applications where deformation must be avoided. Ductibor 1000 is suitable for monolithic parts which require higher ductility.

Ductibor 1000 is already available for qualification in Europe and North America. Usibor 2000 samples are available in Europe now and will be available in North America in early 2017.