ZF 8-speed dual clutch transmission (8DT)ZF says its new 8-speed dual clutch transmission (8DT) is available for front-longitudinal configuration in four different variants (standard, all-wheel drive, hybrid, all-wheel hybrid) in three torque classes, to a maximum of 1,000Nm.

To make the 8DT basic transmission as small and compact as possible, a new gear set concept with two countershafts and one summation shaft was constructed. This gear set architecture offers another advantage as the modular concept means will also be able to cater for other driveline configurations.

The company says it has customised the hybrid module for the optional variant of the new 8-speed dual clutch transmission. It includes a torsional damper, a separating clutch with actuators as well as the electric motor, and it can be integrated directly into the clutch bell housing.