Turkish automotive manufacturer FIAT-Tofaş is implementing new inspection methodologies for diagnostic measurement of sheet metal components and BIW assemblies. This involves the installation of Nikon Metrology XC65Dx-LS cross scanners and CAMIO multi-sensor metrology software.

Incorporating three lasers in a cross pattern, the XC65Dx-LS captures full 3D details of features and surfaces in a single scan, claims Nikon. Smart laser intensity adaptation allows any surface, such as those with varying colour or high reflectivity, to be scanned without the use of a matt spray or other user interaction. The company says this is enabled by automatic, real-time adjustment of sensor settings between successive laser stripes and for each individual point along the laser stripe. The XC65Dx-LS installed at Tofaş has a longer stand-off distance. By capturing geometry from up to 170mm away, the scanner gains optimum access to BIW structures and can scan over the clamps that hold components in position. The scanners can be used in combination with tactile probes for alignment of a part or for a mixed measuring routine.