Infiniti Q50LChina – Rolling off the assembly line at Xiangyang Plant in Hubei, the vehicle pioneered the long-wheelbase version of the Q50 premium sports saloon which is the first Infiniti model dedicated to the local market.

“Today we are here to witness Infiniti’s big step forward in China,” said Daniel Kirchert, president of Dongfeng Infiniti Motor and managing director of Infiniti China. “Local production demonstrates Infiniti’s long-term commitment to the Chinese market.”

Xiangyang Plant was jointly established by Dongfeng and Nissan, with 60,000 of its 250,000-unit capacity reserved for Infiniti. The facility has been substantially upgraded to fulfil Infiniti’s local production requirements and now applies its global standards, having received manufacturing certification in March 2014. The plant will also soon begin making a localised QX50 long-wheelbase version.

With the start of production at Xiangyang, China has become the third production location for Infiniti, after the US and Japan.