EoSens Quad 1.1With a shock resistance of 100 G’s the fanless EoSens Quad 1.1 high-speed recording camera has been designed to operate in high shock and vibration environments, claims Mikrotron. The company says the Quad 1.1 is suitable for automotive crash test and manufacturing troubleshooting applications.

The Quad 1.1 has a 14.9μm 10-bit pixel resulting in high sensitivity for both mono and colour cameras. Two analog and four digital I/O inputs (per CRS sheet) enable recording video and sensor data in total sync. The camera is available in both C-Mount and Nikon FG-Mount giving users more lens choices and Mikrotron says it has developed a new camera control and player software called VisualMARC that includes all of the basic as well as extended functions required to set up Quad 1.1 cameras for recording and exporting videos.