Omron Scientific Technologies has launched the D4SL compact six-contact Guard Lock safety door switch. The D4SL features a durable metal-head designed to deliver long life in demanding industrial environments. Users also benefi t from easily selectable wiring, a wide variety of mounting methods and available operating keys, plus a generous key slot that accommodates the misalignment and instability of real-life door applications. The result is a robust, simple-to-install switch that satisfies the safety needs of modern production sites.

The D4SL is a 6-contact safety switch which enables users to independently monitor door open/closed status, as well as solenoid on/ off status, from a single switch. Additionally, easy-view LED indicators allow users to quickly check switch status from any direction. Six different horizontal-mount and vertical-mount operating keys are available to satisfy varying shock and vibration resistance needs.

The unit’s head is manufactured from durable metals and is designed to withstand prolonged use in the industrial workplace. The D4SL can be mounted in four different directions by simply rotating the dedicated spacer, allowing the mounting screws to be inserted in four different directions; enabling the D4SL to be mounted in any direction without the need to rotate the head.