GM Fort WayneUS – The plant in Indiana has been ranked number five by the US Environmental Protection Agency in its list of the top 30 generators of on-site green power. Fort Wayne gains 43% of its energy by capturing methane from a nearby landfill, generating 53m kWh.

Fort Wayne has benefited from landfill gas for 13 years and in 2014 quadrupled its use by bringing the generation process onsite. The manufacturing operations of the plant are themselves landfill-free; all waste is reused, recycled or converted to energy.

“Renewable energy enables us to reduce risk at our plants and save money on energy costs – facts that prove there’s economic opportunity in addressing climate change,” said Rob Threlkeld, GM global manager of renewable energy. “None of our US plants use coal as an energy source.”

GM is committed to using 125MW of renewable energy globally by 2020 and expects to surpass this goal in 2016.