F-150, Ford DearbornUS – The vehicle-maker says it is recycling as much as 20m pounds of scrap per month using the closed-loop system at Dearborn Truck Plant, Michigan. This equates to more than 30,000 F-150 bodies in the latest configuration, a SuperCrew body including doors, bonnet, tailgate and 6.5ft cargo box.

According to Ford, the recycled material avoids 95% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with primary aluminium production, as well as using less energy and water. The OEM says that 30-40% of a typical aluminium coil is turned into scrap during the stamping process. This is recycled and returned to production via the closed loop system.

The aluminium body of the new F-150 enables weight savings and therefore a reduction in emissions over the course of its lifecycle, in comparison with the preceding steel version.