Water consumption, FordUS – The vehicle-maker was one of 24 companies awarded an ‘A’ grade by the not-for-profit organisation CDP for its water management efforts, out of 600 candidates. CDP has today released its report, ‘Thirsty business: Why water is vital to climate action’.

Ford’s Global Water Management Initiative set out to reduce water use from 2000 and resulted in savings of 10 billion gallons between 2000 and 2015, a decrease of 61%. The OEM aims to make a further 30% reduction per vehicle between 2015 and 2020. As well as implementing new technologies to save water, Ford is rolling out real-time water metering to manage consumption and conduct assessments for new conservation processes.

According to Andy Hobbs, director at Ford’s Environmental Quality Office, the company has a target of “zero water withdrawal” for its manufacturing processes. “As we continue to implement our water strategy and move toward increasingly stringent water-reduction goals by 2020, we’re also looking to our suppliers and local communities to do the same,” he added.