Makino NCMTMakino has introduced a new, five-axis, horizontal-spindle machining centre, designated T1. Offering machining within a 1,500mm (X) by 1,300mm (Y) by 2,000mm (Z) working envelope, the fully enclosed, temperature controlled, twin-pallet centre is suited to machining large prismatic or cylindrical workpieces according to the company.

The direct-drive spindle is suitable for milling titanium alloys with 1,000Nm of torque from 20rpm up to 1,000rpm, claims Makino, with a typical metal removal rate of 202cm3/min for Ti-6Al-4V. Aluminium components can be machined at 4,636cm3/min for A6061 using 56 kW of continuous power up to the full spindle speed of 12,000rpm.