The AMB International Metalworking Fair is set to take place at the new Messe Stuttgart with a range of cutting-edge technologies and products that automotive supplier companies will have on display. Here is a sample

Automotive experts will be among the 75,000- plus visitors expected at the upcoming AMB metalworking fair that runs from August 28 to September 2 this year. Held in Germany for more than 20 years, they can expect to see exhibits from more than 1,200 companies, making it a ‘must attend’ for powertrain and other machining engineers, as well as managers and purchasing directors. The AMB event showcases metal cutting and physicochemical process machine tools, precision tools, products and machines supporting quality assurance, robots, workpiece and tool handling technologies, computer systems and peripherals, parts, components and accessories. AMS spoke with a selection of exhibitors, products from a few of which we have highlighted here.

DMG, Hall 7, Stand D12
DMG will be exhibiting a model of its DMU 600 P 5-axis machining centre, which offers 6m of travel and 3m/s2 of acceleration. The large DMU 600 P, from the company’s DECKEL MAHO Pfronten division, is designed for machining large components weighing up to 40 tonnes. The work centre meets the requirements of cantilevered forming tools and moulds in automotive production and other specialist engineering areas.

Highlights of the DMU 600 P include:

• Modular concept based on proven gantry module
• Gantry design for maximum precision and dynamics up to 3m/s2
• Cast one-piece subframe/bed (GGG60)
• Gantry inflexibly fixed to foundations and bolted to machine bed for 20% better rigidity
• Replaceable heads with C/A and C/B kinematics
• Ram with 600mm cross section - up to 1,500mm Z-travel and up to 2,500Nm torque
• Workpiece weights up to 25t as standard (optional 40t) • Rack-and-pinion drive in X- and Y-axis
• Ball screw drive in Z- and W-axis
• Simple foundation design for reduced investment
• Short installation times due to ‘intelligent’ design of individual assemblies

GUHRING, Hall 1, Stand E32
Gühring will be showing its range of rotary cutting tools at the AMB event, including drills, milling and countersinking cutters, taps and reamers manufactured in high-speed steel, cobalt steel, carbide and in PCD/CBN diamond materials. New products on display will include the RT 100 VA carbide drill range, which features a high-penetration, self-centering 140º VA point and DK 460 UF carbide construction.

These drills are designed specifically to address the challenges of cutting stainless steels where the new facetstyle self-centering point geometry promotes free cutting action and controlled chip formation. The tools create short, manageable chips that are easily evacuated, enabling higher penetration rates and eliminating peck cycle in most operations.

Also of interest to visitors from the automotive industry will be the company’s Navigator Toolfinder software, which helps the end user find the best specification of tool for each job and material being machined.

ISCAR, Hall 1, Stand E31
Cutting tool manufacturer ISCAR specializes in tooling for the automotive industry, and boasts R&D and marketing teams assigned specifically to vehicle manufacturing. At the AMB fair, the company will be showing its BAYOT- REAM range of tools, a modular system for fast reaming operations. The BAYO-T-REAM tools use indexable heads and offer flexibility in terms of geometries, coatings and sizes. They can be replaced while the tool is connected to the spindle, saving time by eliminating any setup procedure.

Yamazaki Mazak, Hall 5, Stand D11
Mazak is well known for integrating turning and machining processes into one machine, leading to what the company calls its ‘Done In One’ machine tool, the INTEGREX range. The new ‘j’ series machines retain many features common to the existing INTEGREX range, such as the B-axis milling/ turning spindle and a standard 20-tool carousel (36- and 72-tool carousels are available as an option). INTEGREX j also makes full use of the Mazatrol MATRIX control system, which simplifies even the most complex of programming tasks through use of the intuitive Mazatrol conversational programming techniques. Compared to ISO programming, the Mazatrol system typically reduces the number of code lines by 89%.

The j-200 will be shown at AMB, featuring a milling (B-axis) 12,000 revs/min (7.5kW/49Nm) spindle with: a main 5,000 revs/min (11kW and 161Nm) spindle; feed rates of 40m/min; X-axis stroke of 450mm with 50mm of that below the centerline; and a Y-axis stroke of 200mm giving +/- 100 either side of the centerline; Z-axis movement is 550mm.

Sandvik Coromant, Hall 1, Stand E52
Sandvik will present new cutting tools for thread machining, brand new insert grades for milling and turning. In the company’s ‘Smart Hub’ display, Sandvik will show a range of cutting tools and tooling systems for the metalworking industry, together with demonstrations involving innovative tooling solutions, industry-specific tooling packages and many more solutions and services designed to improve productivity.

Tornos, Hall 3, Stand C14
Tornos will be featuring its new Gamma 20 CNC machining centre, designed for use in the automotive sector and other general subcontract industries. Available with either 5- or 6-linear axes, plus two C-axes, the Gamma 20/5 and 20/6 uses the same barfeed, collets and tooling as the Tornos Delta range.
With an integrated Fanuc 31i, a numerical control that facilitates ISO programming, the Gamma offers axial and radial drilling and milling, deep hole and inclined drilling, adaptation for profile bars, a long workpiece device, and a motorized guide bush. The Gamma allows simultaneous turning and rear-end working with up to 39 tools, including 15 rotating tools, while enabling a variety of counterspindle operations that are not available on other, slidinghead turning centres. This enables the end user to utilize the vertical Y-axis on the counter operation post, while also allowing vertical numerical setting and machining movement for cross drilling or milling. Additionally, the Gamma offers simultaneous working operations for cross drilling and milling with a rotating attachment.