Expanded Metal, HartlepoolUK – The company has made a multimillion-pound investment in the latest metal expanding machines, ancillary processing machinery, storage and systems at its Hartlepool plant.

The new equipment is already being used to make the company’s Exmesh Automotive range. Expanded Metal says these expanded metal and micro-mesh products are becoming “increasingly popular” as a raw material in vehicle manufacturing because of their high strength-to-weight ratio, compared with regular steel and aluminium. ExMesh is claimed to offer weight savings of up to 50% versus plate metals, while increasing strength by up to 25%. Applications include: filtration systems, catalytic converters, air bag filters, battery holders, audio speakers and spacers for heat shields.

“The multimillion-pound investment is allowing us to produce ExMesh with state-of-the art machines, to ensure the exacting quality demands of the automotive sector can continue to be met for many years to come,” commented Geoff Miles, Exmesh European business development manager.