Combining several systems, such as inverted monorail or eccentric lifting tables, Eisenmann has developed a new conveyor system, the VarioLoc shuttle, which has the ability to raise, lower and transport skids and car bodies. The shuttle moves along a rail installed at floor level, which has fixtures at each side of the rail to support the skids and bodies. Only the VarioLoc shuttle unit features a travel drive and lifting element. The travel and lift sequences are monitored by an Eisenmann vehicle controller, while barcodes on the rail and a reader on the shuttle unit ensure reliable position detection. Communication with the supervisory system controller is performed via Canbus.

The new Eisenmann VarioLoc modular skid conveyor system helps to reduce the maintenance required for zones that are infrequently used, thus making a significant contribution to enhanced plant efficiency. Owing to the system’s flexibility, it is also possible to adapt buffer and storage solutions based on production throughput requirements.