Exhibitors for automotive visitors

Aerogen will showcase the latest flame treatment equipment for improving the surface adhesion qualities of plastics prior to coating or bonding, such as polypropylene car bumper mouldings (UK, GU34 2YU)
CMA will promote painting robots that offer advanced technology which combines human skills and automation; self-learning programming enables the control computer to store a user's movements and the robot to repeat them at the desired speed (D, 85774)
Datapaq will exhibit systems for reliable temperature monitoring; the oven tracker XL2 is suitable for all typical production steps in automotive paintshops such as e-coating, PVC sealants/adhesives, primer surface, top/clear coat and repair (D, 13127)
Ecco Finishing will display the automatic low-pressure gun 68AS, which is used in combination with a manifold containing all settings; it is designed to give the highest durability and shortest possible downtime in production (SE, 53237)
Eisenmann will showcase its E-Cube paint overspray removal system, plus the latest generation of its E-MES production control system and application solutions; E-Cube operates without chemicals, water or other additives (D, 71032)
Elcometer will feature new products for adhesion, gloss and impact testing, together with a new meter for soluble salt detection on cleaned surfaces (UK, M43 6BU)
Fraunhofer Institute will exhibit an automated optical testing method which goes beyond the standard gloss measurement procedure, allowing the shape and magnitude of the reflection lobe as well as the hue to be checked (D, 70569)
Graco will promote its equipment for spray finishing, protective coating, paint circulation, lubrication, dispensing sealants and adhesives and powder application (B, 3630)
Inropa will introduce new software solutions for programming paint and surface treatment robots, including a programme which enables operation with a virtual model of a robotic cell (DK, 9000)
NABU will exhibit environmentally-friendly, chromate-free chemicals for surface treatment prior to liquid painting or powder coating (D, 92551)
Sidasa will introduce Cromatipic, a dry plating Cr-process that achieves Cr(VI)-free decorative functional chromium coatings. The technology passes specific automobile specifications (ES, 08040)
Sprimag will present a variety of automated coating systems for plastics, metal and glass (D, 73230)
Sturm-Gruppe will demonstrate a UV system which cures complex plastic parts in seconds in a nitrogen atmosphere (D, 94330)
Tecnofirma will introduce an anti-fog lens coating system for the automotive industry (IT, 20900)
TRIAB/Tri Innovations will promote its range of oven systems and complete paint lines for wet and powder systems; the ovens offer flexible heat transfer (S, 43150)
Wandres will exhibit a brush and compressed air cleaning system for the efficient removal of dust and very small particles on surfaces such as car bodies (D 79256)
Wenker will offer the ERGO-LUX system, based on double light deflection, for the effective surface inspection of painted car bodies including large areas such as bonnets (D, 48683)
Wörwag will present exterior and interior paint trends; automotive paint development focuses on the feasibility of implementing the compact enamelling Integrated Paint Process (D, 70435)

With its focus on industrial coatings, the organisers of the 5th PaintExpo say visitors can expect to see a wealth of solutions ranging from pre-treatment to final inspection

The coatings industry has to meet the combined challenges of increasingly higher quality requirements, a wider range of materials to be coated, the need for much more efficient use of coatings and ever stricter environmental conditions. To do this, materials and technology suppliers are developing new coatings and methods of delivery, as well as improved quality measurement systems.
These innovations will be on display at PaintExpo 2014 in Karlsruhe, Germany, from April 8-11, where more than 450 exhibitors will assemble from around the world. The show has grown from the last event in 2012, with 10% more exhibitors and 19% more floorspace destined to be occupied by a variety of interesting displays. PaintExpo 2012 attracted 8,000 expert visitors from 63 countries and the organisers are hopeful of a similarly high attendance this year.

Attendees will have the opportunity to view numerous live demonstrations featuring the latest coatings technology, for example a UV solution which can cure a painted object within seconds in an inert gas atmosphere. Meanwhile, a fully automated powder machine will coat small parts in continuous operation. In addition, an innovative light tunnel will be shown to reliably detect defects in painted car bodies. Various moving exhibits will prove the adaptability and programmability of modern conveyors and painting robots.

Seeing is believing
The interactive nature of PaintExpo 2014 will continue with expert forums held on each day of the show in collaboration with the German research association for surface finishing, DFO. The agenda covers everything from process optimisation for liquid painting and powder coating, pre-treatment and quality control, environmental engineering and purification technology. However, potential visitors should note that the presentations will be held in German.

ERGO-LUX, Wenker
Above: Wenker will exhibit its ERGO-LUX system

The exhibitions themselves will feature: new processes and products for more efficient and ecological cleaning and pre-treatment of metallic surfaces, including solutions based on renewable raw materials; solutions for blasting, grinding and ionising metal and plastic surfaces; and systems for reducing energy consumption in powder coating and liquid painting while increasing the flexibility of processes, manufacturing lot quantities and expandability.
Looking at the application, there will be new and enhanced guns and atomisers on show as well as alternative atomising gases, which improve material efficiency and quality. Some exhibitors will also display liquid and UV paint systems, plus powdered enamels which offer increased corrosion protection, lower baking temperatures and reduced material consumption. New processes for energy-saving powder coatings and chrome VI-free surfaces will also be presented.
Other exhibits will cover innovations in test and inspection systems, accessories such as covering materials, painting hangers, filters and pumps, paint stripping and packaging.
PaintExpo 2014 is open between April 8-11 at Messe Karlsruhe, 9am-5pm daily except for April 11, when the show ends at 4pm. For additional information click here.

Messe Karlsruhe