V-ribbed belt, ContiTechGermany – The low-solvent method of V-ribbed belt manufacture is more environmentally friendly but also improves throughout times, according to the Continental subsidiary. The process has been introduced at several ContiTech sites in Germany, Romania and Mexico, with China to follow suit later this year.

In the new method, the textile flocking is ironed onto the V-ribbed belt, Unipower Tough Grip, whereas previously the flock was applied with solvents. “This helps us to protect the environment because we save resources and achieve a better CO2 balance,” said Philip Nelles, head of the ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

ContiTech regards Unipower Tough Grip as one of its most important products in the field of automotive original equipment, with customers including Ford and BMW. The company has registered six patents for its new manufacturing process, which was developed in collaboration with ContiTech Elastomer Coatings.