Maserati GhibliGermany – Following its first approval for Continental tyres last year, for the Quattroporte, Maserati has now approved ContiSportContact 5 for the Ghibli saloon. The tyre will be manufactured in eight sizes between 18 and 21 inches and marked with 'MGT' on the side wall to distinguish it from other versions.

The Ghibli will be fitted with the ContiSportContact 5 in size 235/50R 18 97 Y, with the axles on the more powerful models fitted with 19, 20 and 21-inch tyres. The rear axles will feature wider tyres to ensure high performance on the road. Models with more powerful engines of up to 410hp will be fitted with ContiSportContact 5 in sizes of 245/35 ZR 21 96 Y XL on the front axle and 285/30 ZR 21 100 Y XL on the rear axle. The tyres for the Ghibli are approved for speeds of up to 198mph.

According to Continental, ContiSportContact 5 represents “a significant progression” from ContiSportContact3, offering shorter braking distances, excellent road grip, safety when cornering and reduced fuel consumption.