BMW 5 SeriesGermany – The company’s aluminium automotive body sheets and crash management systems are being used for the new vehicle, including hybrid and touring versions. The use of lightweight materials has cut 62kg from the weight of the new 5 Series compared with the previous model.

Constellium, a longtime partner of BMW, is the primary supplier for the body sheets, providing the coils used for both inner and outer parts such as doors, roofs, fenders, boot lids and structural components. It also designed and produces the rear crash management system, including the integrated exhaust holder.

The outer panel of the bonnet and the fenders are made from Surflex, offering “high surface quality and specific hemming and roping properties, which allow sporty designs”, according to Constellium. The inner bonnet structure is designed for “superior formability and mechanical resistance”.

The bumper beam and crash boxes are extruded components, engineered to BMW’s specifications for size, shape, package space and strength. According to Constellium, aluminium is the ideal material for crash management systems because it provides better energy absorption.

Lionel Chapis, the supplier’s managing director for Automotive Structures, commented: “The new BMW 5 Series features our most advanced rear crash management system, with extrusions made of Constellium’s patented high-strength 6000-series crushable alloys.”