LMI Gocator 3210LMI Technologies says its Gocator 3210 stereo snapshot sensor is suitable for 3D inspection, quality control applications. Features include two 2-megapixel cameras for high-resolution 3D snapshot scans, a large FOV (120 x 85mm) for picking up multiple features at once, and onboard hardware acceleration to achieve 4Hz for full size scans.

The company says this unit utilises an ultra-bright projector that allows the sensor to pick up dark objects or objects with steep edges. It also provides uniform illumination across the entire FOV for acquiring data in the centre of the scan target with the same precision as at the edge and added data processing acceleration with the Gocator Accelerator application that offloads a portion of the image processing to a PC.

LMI Technologies also launched the Gocator 3506, its medium FOV 3D snapshot sensor, as well as latest release of its support software for the line, Gocator Firmware 4.6.