South Africa – Together with long-term partner Gulmini Family Trust, the provider of systems for vehicle doors, liftgates, seat structures and electric drives has opened a new production facility in the Industrial Development Zone (IDZ).

The joint venture RG Brose will deliver just-in-sequence C-Class door systems plus lightweight seat structures for Daimler. The 90m rand ($8m) facility, which covers 6,000 sq. m, is just 8km from Mercedes-Benz South Africa. RG Brose aims to deliver the doors to its customer's final assembly line within 215 minutes of receiving an order, amounting to 1,600 units per day in around 1,000 versions.

The new facility will accommodate 130 personnel by the end of the year. RG Brose managing director Stefano Gulmini emphasised the need for a highly skilled workforce to perform the “complex” production. “That’s why some of our employees went to Brose in Europe for training. We also have experts from Germany, helping with the ramp-up phase in East London,” he stated.