Micro-Epsilon UK has launched a range of 2D/3D laser profile sensors (laser line scanners) that operate using blue (violet) laser technology rather than red. The company says the special characteristics of the blue wavelength laser light make the scanners suitable for a wide range of high precision profile and dimensional measurements on a variety of materials including shiny surfaces, red-hot glowing metals, organic materials, as well as transparent or semi-transparent materials such as plastics, glass, optical components and film/substrates.
The scanCONTROL BL series is available with measuring ranges up to 265mm in the z-axis (distance/profile height) and up to 143.5mm in the x-axis (laser line length/profile width). Output of measurement data is via Ethernet (UDP, Modbus) or serial interface (RS422, Modbus). In addition, analogue signals or digital switching signals can be output directly to a PLC.