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  • Toyota Supra interior

    Eisenmann to extend truck paint shop


    Mazda Thailand US - The German factory engineering specialist Eisenmann has won a contract to extend the paint shop at a major truck manufacturing facility in the east of the US. Construction starts at the end of 2018 and is due to finish in the summer of ...

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    Porsche and Schuler build press shop


    Germany - The two companies have announced that they will work work together to construct a ‘Smart Press Shop’ as part of a new joint venture, the location of which is yet to be revealed. Both Porsche and Schuler will invest a double-digit million euro amount in the project. “Porsche ...

  • Ford Mustang

    Ford makes 10m Mustangs


    US - The production milestone was recorded at the company’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan, where it also makes the Lincoln Continental. During the course of its 54-year production history, the model has also been made in San Jose, California, as well as Metuchen, New Jersey. Ford claims that ...