Audi San Jose ChiapaMexico – The vehicle-maker has invited more than 200 people from across North America to attend its first Supplier Day at its new plant in San José Chiapa. The event on August 20 will enable businesses wishing to work with Audi at this location to demonstrate their expertise.

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The OEM is aiming for 90% by value of the Q5 crossovers produced at the plant to come from suppliers, materials and processes based in Mexico, the US and Canada; so far, two-thirds of this target have been met. As part of this process, Audi claims to have worked with suppliers “well beyond the tier-one level and to unprecedented lengths” to ensure quality standards. Three years before the plant launch, suppliers were going through as many as ten modules in preparation.

Audi estimates that, in meeting its supplier objectives, 20,000 indirect jobs will be created across North America, in addition to the 1,800 Mexicans expected to be employed at the car plant.