This new strategic technology is designed to take the stamping industry to the next level. The key is the high torque/low RPM servo motors designed and built by AIDA specifically for stamping press applications. Connected directly to the crank, these servo motors provide the precise accuracy and reliability you expect of AIDA presses. The result is an improvement in almost every critical area of press performance including energy management, energy efficiency and sustainability.

This webinar explained the details of its SERVO technology and the advantages for the user. From small press applications, up the XL-SERVO tandem lines, the technology has been developed by AIDA.

In addition AIDA explained in detail its world leading SERVO motor concept as well as the different applications for this technology.

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This webinar was presented by:

 Klaus Rothenhagen (Vice Presidents of International Sales)

Klaus has worked in the metalforming industry for over 35 years. After an apprenticeship programme he worked in the engineering and project department. Later he became a product and sales manager for press shop equipment for a German press manufacturer. He was promoted to director of sales for the North American operation. In 2000 he took over the global responsibility for large press technology and sales. Since 2008 he has been VP international sales for AIDA Europe

Uwe Glaesle (Manager of Press Automation)

Uwe Glaesle has been responsible for the automation department for AIDA Europe since 2010. He started his career as an engineer for a Geman press manufacturer designed press automation, destackers and end-of-line systems