INTEGREX i-400AMMazak says its INTEGREX i-400 AM machine combines additive manufacturing with multi-tasking capability. The company says the system integrates Direct Energy Deposition additive manufacturing technology into a 5-axis multi-tasking machine to offer machine users hybrid technology and subtractive manufacturing in one platform.

The INTEGREX i-400 AM makes use of a built-in 1kW fibre laser to melt metallic powder, which is then applied layer-by-layer via interchangeable cladding heads. The heads are stored in the machine’s standard 36-tool magazine and enable the automatic change from additive to subtractive tooling.

The machine is equipped with SmoothX control, the 5-axis version of Mazak’s new SMOOTH Technology, which it’s claimed enables the machine to process prismatic, round and highly contoured work pieces, as well as those near net features which have been created using the integrated additive technology.