High efficiency is the focal point for new and retrofit robotic paint systems developed by ABB. The use of new, high performance products in innovative layouts results in high efficiency paint process methods. Innovative process concepts including, “No-Patch”, “Stay-On”, Cartridge Bell Systems (CBS), IRB 5500 robot, RB1000 atomizer and RobotStudio allow for significant reductions in the spray booth footprint, paint waste during the color change cycle, paint overspray, energy use and VOC emissions

  • “No-Patch” is a robot programming method that eliminates the “patchwork” required when panels are painted with multiple robots.
  • “Stay-On” is a robot programming method that keeps the atomizer on the area to be painted (no trigger off), thus reducing the overspray and cycle time.
  • CBS is a simple direct-charge waterborne atomizer utilizing paint cartridges.
  • IRB 5500 is a paint robot with unique kinematics allowing maximum reach in narrow spray booths.
  • RB1000 is an atomizer that can work with high paint flow rates.  This atomizer also has the ability  to vary the pattern size for enhanced control.

This webinar was presented by:

Didier Rouaud

Didier Rouaud has been “playing” with paint and robots for the last 26 years. He has a wealth of experience in many areas including: process development, sales support, site management, research, proposal, project management, marketing, product management, engineering management.

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