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The automotive industry is seeing huge investment by vehicle makers and tier suppliers in the electrification of their model ranges and systems, as EVs rapidly transition from novelty niche to mainstream production.

In our next special supplement we will look at how the emobility future is being built, with in-depth features on:

>> Vehicles• Electric cars might the big news right now but truck, bus and motorcycle manufacturers are also bringing new EVs to the market. We will conduct site visits to EV production operations across these segments and meet with the manufacturing executives tasked with integrating the next generation models into the line.• Lightweighting becomes more important than ever and AMS will examine the mix of materials, and the forming and joining solutions being developed and applied in EV production.

>> Powertrain• A major change is underway as OEMs move away from internal combustion engines (ICE). The question is how are manufacturing operations that have seen decades of development focussed on ICE production, being rebalanced to build hybrid and BEV powertrains? We will take an in-depth look at the challenges and solutions when dealing with new technologies, materials and assembly processes.

>> Batteries • This part of the EV segment has seen some of most rapid growth as OEM’s rush to secure the technologies and supply of vehicle batteries to meet the planned production volumes. This has seen a number of joint ventures being established and new acquisitions being made. AMS will be looking closely not only at the manufacture of these vital components but also the materials and technologies being developed and applied.

>> Tier suppliers • It’s not only the vehicle makers that have to meet the EV challenge. Tier suppliers are also in the race to develop new technologies and vehicle systems that represents the biggest change to their operations in decades. We will find out how leading suppliers are adapting their production operations to meet demand for a new generation of systems and components.

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