Missing defects is costly for manufacturers. Sciemetric’s sigPOD is a Manufacturing 4.0 process monitoring and data collection platform that detects defects as they occur in production – where it is most efficient and before they become bigger issues down the line

sigPOD standardises data-driven analytics for the assembly line

Whether you call it Industry 4.0, Manufacturing 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things, the underlying theme is that making more effective use of data is key for manufacturers to remain profitable and competitive.

Data is critical to deliver the insight you need to make intelligent decisions at all levels of the organisation. On the plant floor, the data challenge is catching missed defects that disrupt production, lead to costly scrap and rework, or even costlier recalls and warranty claims.

Sciemetric sigPOD: Process Monitoring for Manufacturing 4.0 from Sciemetric on Vimeo.

Utmost flexibility and efficiency

Sciemetric’s sigPOD can detect defects as they occur in production where it is most efficient to do so and before they become bigger issues down the line. It delivers the traceability to create a true digital thread for rapid root cause analysis.

sigPOD is an in-process test and monitoring system. It is designed to provide the utmost flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to standardise part test and process monitoring on a single platform for the entire plant.

From its robust, compact packaging, to its advanced data-driven functionality, sigPOD is built to deliver the features manufacturers need to achieve the industry’s most accurate pass/fail decisions.

Driven by Process Signature Verification

sigPOD is powered by Process Signature Verification (PSV) software, which makes advanced use of digital process signatures (aka waveforms). Quality decisions are determined in milliseconds, based on thousands of data points gathered from each cycle of a process for the most accurate defect detection. Even the most subtle of outliers can’t hide from sigPOD.

Our customers have used sigPOD for thousands of applications. It supports virtually any critical-to-quality test with absolutely no programming – press fitting, run-down, leak testing, welding, liquid dispensing, crimping and more. The system is also easy to update with continuous improvements that you can identify by analysing the process signatures from your processes.

A true Manufacturing 4.0 platform

Customers worldwide chose sigPOD for its ability to collect data and present it in multiple ways, right on the sigPOD station or on your desktop through our manufacturing analytics software. You can even connect multiple sigPODs to a turnkey database (QualityWorX CTS DataHub) and perform advanced manufacturing analytics without substantial IT overhead.

If you care about part quality, sigPOD is the Manufacturing 4.0 platform you need. Achieve greater efficiency and reduce costs while empowering your team to boost quality and productivity across the assembly line.

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