TechrulesChina – The Beijing-based automotive R&D company is currently identifying potential manufacturing locations for its supercar and will draw up a shortlist in the next months, ahead of a final decision towards the end of the year.

A small Techrules team is considering sites which are or soon will be vacant, plus those that would suit a brand-new facility. Meanwhile, engineering personnel are finalising the development and manufacturing processes of the production version of its TREV technology. The company is also progressing engineering and styling programmes for the AT96 and GT96 variants of its supercar, together with specialist partners in the UK and Italy.

The TREV (turbine-recharging electric vehicle) system is a patented hybrid powertrain technology, comprising a range extender with a micro-turbine to generate electricity and charge a battery pack, powering the motors which drive the wheels. Techrules says that a combination of aviation, electric vehicle and proprietary technology delivers high efficiency and performance as well as an “ultra-low” environmental impact.

Techrules says it will launch China’s first supercar, featuring this TREV technology, onto the global market in the next two or three years. The company then plans to begin manufacturing higher-volume city cars.