Kennametal’s new B222HP solid carbide drill has been specifi cally designed for both wet and dry machining applications at drilling depths of 5x diameter. The drill is designed for application in both steel and cast irons and complements the already successful B221HP range of drills.

It has the patented Kennametal HP point geometry, allowing high penetration rates and increased productivity. Productivity gains of up to and beyond 30 per cent can be achieved, increasing throughput and reducing manufacturing costs. The drill is supplied in the Kennametal grade KC7315, which has a smooth multilayer TiAIN coating. This smooth coating reduces built up edge and also promotes free flow of the chips away from the component. It also ensures long predictable tool life, even in the most demanding operations.

Such operating parameters are normally only associated with through coolant drills.

The drill can be applied in many applications. The high metal removal rates and ability to run dry can significantly impact on costs associated with cutting fluids and subsequent cleaning of components. The new B222HP in KC7315 is available from stock in cutting diameters from 3.0 – 19.05mm with a form A cylindrical shank. This new range complements by the short version, the B221HP.