Czech Republic – Skoda has now manufactured 1.5m secondgeneration Fabias since 2007.

The milestone 1.2 TDi rolled off the production line in September at the main factory in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic. The Fabia fi rst went on sale in 1999 and is the car-maker’s bestselling model after the Octavia, with over 3m sales worldwide for the two generations together.

Winfried Vahland, CEO of Skoda, hailed the model as being “of crucial importance” to the success of the company’s brand and “a cornerstone” of its growth.

Fabia was launched as Skoda’s third new model, with the second generation beginning as a hatchback before diversifying into a Combi in 2008.

The line now boasts four versions plus special models. Production takes place in the Czech Republic, India, Russia and China.