‘Intelligence in Production’ will be the theme for this year’s EMO international production technology trade fair

Smaller companies from within Europe and elsewhere know that a robust presence at EMO is likely to benefit their marketing reputatio nbuilding efforts more than participation in numerous other smaller events. The organiser’s slogan ‘Meet the World at EMO’ really does have some meaning.

Pride of place on the Komet Group stand at Hannover is likely to be the launch of its first tangential standard milling tool. Komet has long specialised in providing solutions to complex machining and milling tasks and its new tool will have special application in the automotive sector for components such as brake calipers, it says.

It will also feature MQL solutions with its Drill-Max Solid Carbide XL programme, now enhanced by the addition of a new 12xD solution to accompany the existing 20D & 30D programmes. PCD tools of all types will also be on offer to emphasise the company’s leadership position in this area, it says. Another important feature of its display will be the new Komet Rhobest brand which is a portfolio of solutions for composite and carbon fibre-reinforced materials. The company is on record as wishing to become recognised as ‘a heavyweight in lightweight materials’.

As always Komet will show a range of machining options for complex shapes. Turbocharger housings, differential cases and similar challenges need solutions which are cost effective for different levels and contexts of production, says the company.

In addition, in Hannover, Komet hopes to display the new deep-drill Centron Powerline and KUB Pentron-O3 Geometry for chip control and KUB K2 Geometries for stainless materials.

Tornos is another familiar name in the automotive sector which will be returning to Hannover in 2013. Its range of milling and turning equipment is designed to deal with components of mid- to high-level complexity, so always finds a home with auto manufacturers and suppliers.

Diversified Machine Systems (DMS) will be making its very first appearance at EMO. The well respected US-based company offers premium 3- and 5-axis machine centres. It is just one of a number of companies using EMO to engage further with the global market. DMS executive vicepresident Ed Hillgrass commented: “We are looking forward to demonstrating our versatile 5-axis routers and machine centres on a world stage.”

Web-based production environments

EMO has a long tradition of catering for the most basic practical needs of those involved in the metalworking industries while at the same time fostering and developing important thinking about future developments and technologies. This year many exhibitors will be addressing the web-based production environment. Carl Zeiss Industrielle, for example will be showcasing the latest in industrial production metrology equipment. Visitors will be invited to consider the feasibility of close-toproduction quality assurance in a web-based manufacturing environment.

Elsewhere, technologies more familiar from a consumer context are becoming more important in a production environment Around 60 exhibitors will be appearing in the categories of industrial control and manufacturing software and many will be pointing towards telephone-based apps as part of their product offering. MAG Europe says it has seen the potential of apps for simplifying information exchange, provided they can operate within a secure infrastructure.

Others involved in these developments, such as Robert Bosch, have pointed to the need to adopt an explorative (ie research-driven) approach and retain the necessary adaptability. All these areas of discussion will be reflected at EMO 2013 both in individual discussions at exhibitors’ booths but also in the more formal structured presentations surrounding the event.

Variety and abundance of exhibits

It is difficult to capture the sheer variety and abundance of the exhibitors that will be found in the massive Hannover Halls. MWM Schmieranlagen will be displaying a selection of its products for air-oil lubrication, claiming to set new standards in minimal quantity lubrication of high-speed/ power bearings in machine tool applications.

Other suppliers to the machine tool industry will be well represented. KSB will use the show to present its range of centrifugal pumps, including the Movitec VCI, designed to deal with industrial coolant and lubrication systems in production environments.

In the machine tool line, Taiwan Takisawa specialises in small and medium CNC lathes and non -CNC high-speed precision lathes. The company is scheduled to release several new models at EMO 2013, including a twin turret, twin spindle FX-600, along with the NEX-306 and a brand new vertical lathe VTL750M.

Dugard launched its Samsung Machine Tools Agency at EMO two years ago and is coming this year with some of its existing range as well as new Samsung VMCs which were introduced a little while ago but have been in short supply due to heavy demand, it says.