PX8000 Precision Power ScopeYokogawa says its PX8000 combines power-analyser and oscilloscope technologies.  It has 12-bit resolution with 100MS/s sampling and 20MHz bandwidth. This means that the PX8000 can be used for accurate measurement of inverter pulse shapes. A choice of input modules covers voltage, current and sensor measurements at voltages up to 1000 V RMS and currents up to 5 A RMS (higher values are possible with external current sensors), with basic accuracy down to ±0.1%, claims the company.
The PX8000 provides simultaneous voltage and current multiplication to give real-time power sampling, supporting both transient measurement (as standard) and numerical values averaged across the sample period. Up to 16 different waveforms – including voltage, current and power – can be displayed side-by-side.
Typical application sectors include inverter and motor testing, reactor loss measurement of inverter boost circuits, transient responses of industrial robots, wireless charger efficiency measurement, and voltage and power measurements in electricity distribution systems.