Rockwell Automation has expanded its Allen Bradley portfolio to include i-Sense, i-Grid and DySC.

The i-Sense voltage monitors can read incoming power, pinpointing voltage-based events, revealing correlations between voltage sags and downtime and enabling minimal mean time to repair (MTTR).

Meanwhile, i-Grid logs analyses and corroborates i-Sense data via an Ethernet or modem connection to confi rm whether power issues are the result of a grid event, the company says. The solution provides notifications, technical analyses and executive summaries, it adds.

The scalable DySC sag corrector (0.25-2000 kVA) offers protection for both machines and facilities, using double-conversion inverter technology to guard against brief voltage sags and outages. The compact corrector has a typical peak voltage detect time (pVdT) of one millisecond and can supply a facility with continuous, uninterrupted power for up to five seconds.